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Sungrow 3PH Inverter med AFCI 110kW (SG110CX-V112)

Sungrow 3PH Inverter med AFCI 110kW (SG110CX-V112)

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The Sungrow 3PH Inverter with AFCI 110KW (SG110CX-V112) is a Multi-MPPT String Inverter for 1000 Vdc System.

The most powerful inverter of the Commercial Extreme Series - with 110 kW it‘s the perfect solution for big roof installations. As its smaller brother it has a smart active cooling function integrated and can be mounted almost flat on the roof.

High yield

9 MPPTs with max. efficiency 98.7%. Compatible with bifacial module. Built-in PID recovery function.


Compatible with Al and Cu AC cables. DC 2 in 1 connection enabled. Q at night function.

Smart O&M

Touch free commissioning and remote firmware upgrade. Smart IV curve scanning*. Fuse free design with smart string current monitoring.

Proven safety

IP66 and C5 protection. Type II SPD for both DC and AC. Complies with global security and network code.

* Only compatible with Sungrow logger, EyeM4 and iSolarCloud.

Compatibility list Sungrow accessories

Sungrow SG75-110-125CX-P2 EN50549-1 Certificate

Sungrow SG75-110-125CX-P2 EN 50549-2 Certificate

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Mer information
Art.nr SG110CX-V112
Märke Sungrow
Tillverkare Sungrow
Tillverkningsland Kina
Garanti i år 5
Statistikkod 85044086
Typ av växelriktare String
Antal faser Trifas
AC nominell uteffekt (W) 110000
Antal MPP-spårare 9
Skyddsgrad (IP) IP66
Lämplig för montering utomhus Ja
Mer information
DC-omkopplare Ja
Överspänningsskydd Typ II DC & AC
Arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) Ja
Transformator Ja
Skärm Nej
WiFi Frivillig
Ethernet Frivillig
Bredd (mm) 1051
Höjd (mm) 660
Djup (mm) 362.5
Vikt (kg) 89
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