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SolarEdge 3PH Växelriktare, 16.0kW

SolarEdge 3PH Växelriktare, 16.0kW

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You need an external antenna to connect to your WiFi network. (article number: SE-ANT-ZBWIFI-KIT)

The 3-phase 16.0kW inverter from SolarEdge has been specially developed to work with SolarEdge Optimizers.

The inverter is ideal for commercial solar panel installations. With the combined and advanced digital control technology, it ensures efficient power conversion architecture to achieve the maximum yield from the PV system. The inverter comes with the SetApp configuration, which makes the inverter easy and quick to monitor by using a SetApp application on a smartphone or tablet.

Features and performance

The inverter comes with a fixed voltage technology that ensures that the inverter always performs with the optimum input voltage. This regardless of the number of modules in a string or environmental conditions.

A proprietary data monitoring receiver is integrated into the inverter and collects the general performance data from the Power optimizer of each individual PV module. This data is sent over the web and analyzed via the SolarEdge monitoring platform. We immediately look at error detection and troubleshooting of PV systems.

Datasheet SolarEdge 3PH Inverter, with SetApp configuration (Plastic Cover) | ENG


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Art.nr SE16K-RW0T0BNN4
Märke SolarEdge
Tillverkare SolarEdge
Tillverkningsland Israel
Quantity Per Pallet 15 pcs
Garanti i år 12
Statistikkod 85044086
Typ av växelriktare String
Antal faser Trifas
Max. DC primäreffekt (W) 21600
AC nominell uteffekt (W) 16000
Antal MPP-spårare 2
Skyddsgrad (IP) IP65
Mer information
Lämplig för montering utomhus Ja
DC-omkopplare Nej
Arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) Nej
Transformator Nej
Dataloggning Nej
Skärm Nej
WiFi Valfritt (ingår inte)
Ethernet Ja
Bredd (mm) 315
Höjd (mm) 540
Djup (mm) 260
Vikt (kg) 31
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