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Growatt ARK HV Batterisystem 17.9kWh

Growatt ARK HV Batterisystem 17.9kWh

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The Growatt ARK battery system has a modular design. Extra batteries can be stacked on top of each other. The ARK-2.5H-A1 is suited for high voltage systems. The lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP) is free of cobalt, for example resulting in a less costly battery. The battery has a cycle life of over 6000.

The battery has a protection rating of IP65 and can be attached to a wall as well as placed on the floor. Install on a floor requires a separate pedestal. The battery is 65cm wide, 26cm deep, 18cm high, and weighs 30kgs.

Some advantages of this type of lithium iron phosphate batteries compared to lead acid and other batteries are a longer cycle life, little to no maintenance, extremely safe, relatively lightweight, and an improved charge and discharge efficiency.

Datasheet Growatt ARK HV Battery System

Quick installation manual Growatt ARK HV Battery System

CE Certificate Growatt ARK HV Battery System

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Art.nr GROWATT-ARK-HV-17.9
Märke Growatt
Tillverkare Growatt
Tillverkningsland Kina
Garanti i år 10
Statistikkod 94032080
Systemet Growatt ARK HV
Antal faser Trifas
Spänning Hög
Modell Litiumjärnfosfat
Mer information
Användbar batterikapacitet (kWh) 17.92
Nominell spänning (V) 51.2
Urladdningsdjup (DoD) 90%
Drifttemperatur (°C/°C) -10~50℃
Skyddsgrad (IP) IP65
Bredd (mm) 610
Höjd (mm) 1570
Djup (mm) 250
Vikt (kg) 220
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