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Growatt 3PH Hybrid Växelriktare SPA 8000TL3 BH-UP

Growatt 3PH Hybrid Växelriktare SPA 8000TL3 BH-UP

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The Growatt 3PH Hybrid Inverter SPA 8000 BH-UP is an AC coupled hybrid inverter. It is a battery energy storage system which is connected to a PV system via alternating current (AC) electricity.

The Growatt SPA8000BH-UP inverter contains a DC and AC power of 6000Wp. The inverter is suitable for both retrofit and new installations. The SPA inverter is workable with 3 different workable programs and is suitable for working with high voltage batteries.

The SPA series is integrated AC-side in combination with a battery. Any surplus of AC energy produced is stored in a battery. This energy will be reused later if the electricity price is higher. This energy is not fed back into the grid.

Security & installation

The SPA inverter comes with protection degree IP65, which allows outdoor & indoor installation. The inverter does not contain a fan or transformer, which means that it produces a low noise and is very silent. The inverter is therefore suitable for both office buildings and residential buildings. Natural cooling is a unique aspect of the Growatt inverters.


The SPA inverters from Growatt have a lithium battery with a capacity of 5-50Kwh and an efficiency of 97.4%. As a result, maximum achievable energy is stored. The battery voltage range contains 100-550V and contains 25A maximum rechargeable current.

Growatt Online Service

Growatt offers an online service that reduces costs for installers and distributors. This is an efficient and smart solution for offering Online service quickly and efficiently. Growat OSS works with the Shinephone app & Growatt's web server.

The OSS system not only helps with service provision, but it also helps the inverter with error detection and troubleshooting. This system makes it possible to update the inverter remotely, repair it, but also analyze data via the Growatt online service.

Energy Storage Configuration check list

Datasheet Growatt SPH 4000 ~ 10000TL3 BH-UP

User manual Growatt SPH 4000 ~ 10000TL3 BH-UP

Quick guide Growatt SPH 4000 ~ 10000TL3 BH-UP


Art.nr AP00.0003500
Märke Growatt
Tillverkare Growatt
Tillverkningsland Kina
Garanti i år 10
Statistikkod 85044086
Typ av växelriktare String
Smart Hybrid
Antal faser Trifas
AC nominell uteffekt (W) 8000
Antal MPP-spårare 1
Skyddsgrad (IP) IP65
Lämplig för montering utomhus Ja
Mer information
DC-omkopplare Nej
Överspänningsskydd Typ II AC
Arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) Nej
Transformator Nej
Dataloggning Nej
Skärm Ja
WiFi Valfritt (ingår inte)
Ethernet Frivillig
Bredd (mm) 505
Höjd (mm) 453
Djup (mm) 198
Vikt (kg) 28
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