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⚠️ Available September 2024

The Emaldo Power Pulse enables you to earn a monthly passive income while supporting the transition into renewable energy. All 100% automated.

The global shift towards renewable energy is a positive development for everyone. However, it presents certain challenges, one of which is the instability in the frequency of the public electricity grid. This instability arises from an imbalance between production and consumption, occurring more frequently as we increasingly depend on variable energy sources like wind turbines and solar power.

The Emaldo® Power Pulse addresses this issue through a process known as grid balancing. When an instability is detected in the grid, a signal is sent to your Power Pulse, instructing it to either rapidly charge from the grid or discharge to the grid.

This service is compensated through Emaldo with monthly payouts. All completely automatic and without your involvement.



✅ Get €2.000-2.500* a year - Without lifting a finger
 Monthly payouts directly to your bank account
✅ 100% fully automated solution
 All inclusive price. Product, delivery and installation
 Support the green transition into renewable energy

*The Emaldo® Grid Rewards payouts are based on earnings from the past 24 months. Since grid balancing relies on a supply and demand bidding structure, actual payouts may vary from the advertised amounts.

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