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Z Box-H 372kWh Battery Storage System 0.5 C

Z Box-H 372kWh Battery Storage System 0.5 C

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Z Box-H is a pioneering product in battery storage systems with an impressive capacity of 372kWh, developed to meet the needs of medium to large scale energy applications.

With a focus on safety, the Z Box-H offers a proprietary liquid cooling system to ensure optimal temperature control, along with built-in arc detection and a robust three-layer fire safety design. This carefully designed safety infrastructure guarantees reliable and safe operation for a long time.

To maintain stability and efficiency, the Z Box-H is equipped with SmartM200, an advanced platform for intelligent energy management. In addition, it integrates PCS with VSG function to provide necessary grid support and improve energy flow.

Economically speaking, the Z Box-H offers an impressive lifespan of over 10 years, resulting in an increased return over the entire product life cycle. With advanced ANPC technology and the liquid cooling system, it ensures optimal battery performance and efficiency, making it an economical and environmentally friendly choice for energy storage at medium to large scale levels.

Z Box-H represents the energy storage solutions of the future by offering reliable performance, high security and long-term durability to meet the growing demands of the energy sector.

  • Charge-discharge ratio: ≤0.5C
  • DOD (Depth of Discharge): 95%
  • Protection class: IP55 (Battery compartment)
  • Cooling concept: Liquid cooling
  • Heating concept: Liquid heating
  • Fire extinguishing system: Aerosol
  • Operating temperature range: -20~55℃
  • Relative humidity: 5~95%RH
  • Noise level: ≤67dB
  • Maximum working altitude: 2000m
  • Display: APP/Web/LED
  • Communication interfaces: RS485/Ethernet
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1370 1330 2270mm
  • Weight: 3550±50kg
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