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Sungrow 3PH Hybrid Inverter 10kW (SH10.0RT)

Sungrow 3PH Hybrid Inverter 10kW (SH10.0RT)

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The Sungrow 3-Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter 10 kW is a residential inverter that is specially designed for households with a three-phase power grid. This inverter acts as a link between solar panels and batteries for energy storage. This type of Sungrow inverter is perfectly compatible with Sungrow home batteries and can also be used with some models from LG Energy Solutions and BYD.

Sungrow 3-phase Hybrid solar inverter 10 kW

This three-phase model comes with a WiFi dongle and has an IP66 certification, which means the inverter is dustproof and water resistant. For added safety, it has a built-in lockable DC isolator.

A unique feature of this inverter is full three-phase backup power supply. If energy needs increase in the future, expansion is possible. A total of up to five inverters can be connected together in a master-slave configuration without the need for a logger 1000. However, it is important that only inverters of the same size can be connected together.

To make the application even more flexible, the inverter has a wide battery voltage range of 150-600 V. This inverter supports parallel connection with full communication between inverters.

Handling of Sungrow 3 Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter 10 kW

When it comes to handling, this inverter offers a number of smart solutions. Own consumption is optimized with the help of a built-in EMS (Energy Management System). In addition, online monitoring is available, making energy management data visible to both the end user and the installer. Configurations and firmware updates can also be done remotely.

The Sungrow 3-Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter 10 kW is designed for an independent energy installation. In the event of a power failure, this inverter ensures a smooth transition to standby mode.

Installation of the device is surprisingly easy. With unique push-in connectors, the installation process can be significantly shortened. In addition, touch-free start via a smartphone makes the process even easier. With its lightweight and compact design, this hybrid solar inverter is easy to handle and place.

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More information
Fire Sungrow
Manufacturer Sungrow
Country of manufacture China
Warranty in Years 10
HS code 85044086
Inverter type Hybrid
Number of phases Three phase
Max. DC input capacity (W) 15000
AC rated output power 10000
Number of MPPT 2
MPPT operating range (Vdc) 200 – 950 V
Degree of protection (IP) IP65
Suitable for outdoor mounting Yes
More Information
DC Switch Yes
Surge protection Type II DC & AC
Arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) no
Transformer no
Display no
Wifi Yes
Ethernet Yes
Including smart meter Yes
Type of accessories Energy meter
Width (mm) 460
Height (mm) 480
Depth (mm) 170
Weight (kg) 27

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