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Pixii - PowerShaper 2 50kW/50kWh (IP55) Fan/Filter

Pixii - PowerShaper 2 50kW/50kWh (IP55) Fan/Filter

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PowerShaper2 from Pixii - an advanced 50kW/50kWh (IP55) energy storage system with fan/filter, offers a robust solution for energy management.

This unit is ideal for balancing services and frequency support (including FFR and FCR-D for both up and down adjustments), and its modular, scalable nature makes it suitable for everything from small 10 kW systems up to large 2.4 MW installations. Its compact design and fast reaction time when charging and discharging, together with an integrated battery inverter, provide efficient and reliable energy storage.

It offers galvanic isolation between AC and DC as well as an easily accessible battery voltage of 48 V for maintenance. With a five-year warranty, the system uses LFP Shoto batteries of 5.12 kWh each, with a total of ten units enabling up to 50 kW of maximum power and 50 kWh of usable capacity, which is typically around 80% of rated capacity .

Power peak generation is a key feature, optimizing your solar investment by storing excess energy for later use, reducing the need to upgrade the electricity connection. The system also supports frequency and voltage regulation, enabling participation in the frequency regulation market through effective phase balancing as well as active and reactive power compensation, offering a cost-effective solution for grid owners.

With Pixii Gateway you get a built-in communication gateway designed for remote control and management. It can function independently or as a master unit coordinating a system of multiple Pixii units, and supports MQTT and Modbus protocols for seamless integration with third-party software and connected equipment.


  • Max power (bi-directional): Up to 50 kW (actual power up: 45-47 kW, actual power down: 49.4 kW)
  • Nominal AC voltage: 230/400 VAC
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Max AC current (50kW): 80 A
  • Nominal DC voltage: 48 VDC
  • Max DC current (50kW): 1125 A
  • Communication protocol: M-bus, Modbus RTU, TCP/IP Ethernet, 4G Wi-Fi
  • Max working temperature: 45 °C
  • My working temperature: -20°C
  • Dimensions (wxdxh): 706 x 895 x 2120 mm
  • Weight: 600-800 kg
  • Protection class: IP55
  • Cooling: Fan cooled

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