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Pixii - PowerShaper 2 Indoor

Pixii - PowerShaper 2 Indoor

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Get the power you need without upgrading old grid infrastructure. With increasing energy consumption and rising costs, you need to optimize your energy use and get more out of your solar installation with a battery storage system that is quick to implement and easy to scale up.

The Pixii PowerShaper Indoor is a modular battery storage system that adapts to your needs. It's equipped with smart features such as time shifting and peak cutting to reduce your energy costs, and is fully integrated, allowing you to get the most out of your new or existing solar panels. Now you can participate in the flexibility market and open up new revenue streams.

It comes with The Pixii Gateway for remote monitoring and control, with cloud services giving you a complete overview of all your facilities, including performance statistics, historical data and alarms. And through the MQTT and Modbus protocols, you get the flexibility you need.

Modular and scalable for installations from 10 kW to 1 MW.


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