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MAFI Roof tile bracket

MAFI Roof tile bracket

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The roof tile bracket combines two functions in a single design. It is intended to be mounted directly on the roof track or paneled soffit, facilitating the installation of solar panels on contoured roof tiles. Made from Magnelis® material, this bracket also offers IP protection.


The design of the Roof Tile Bracket is adapted to complement the shape of curved roof tiles, making it possible to install without having to modify or move the roof tiles. Solar Rail can be set up both lengthwise and crosswise. When installed horizontally, the bracket is equipped with a customizable hole pattern to align with the solar panel clamping area as well as a temporary support hook to hold the Solar Rail in place during installation. The bracket also includes a mounting solution for Ø20 mm cable protection tube, integrated into the construction. The distinctive MAFI hole pattern allows jointing with Roof Tile Heavy on the same roof structure.

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