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MAFI Roof Tile Heavy Top (top mount)

MAFI Roof Tile Heavy Top (top mount)

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About the Product

Roof Tile Heavy is an adjustable bracket designed to be mounted on a roof base board, enabling the installation of solar panels on curved roof tiles. The parts are sold separately and assembled together using 2 pcs 9834 Flange screw M8x20 and 2 pcs 9839 Quick clamp together with 9843 HEX Lock washer 8 mm. Roof Tile Heavy is manufactured by Magnelis®.


The solar rail can be installed both vertically and horizontally. When installed horizontally, the bracket has a versatile equipment hole pattern to fit the pinch zone on the panel as well as a stop hook to temporarily support the solar rail prior to installation. The recognizable MAFI hole pattern enables installations together with the Roof Tile Bracket on the same roof.

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