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MAFI Roof Tile Heavy Bot (lower bracket)

MAFI Roof Tile Heavy Bot (lower bracket)

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About the Product

The MAFI Roof Tile Heavy Bot is a bottom bracket designed to provide stable and secure attachment of solar panels to roofs with curved roof tiles. Just like the top bracket, this bracket is adjustable and mounts to the baseboard on the roof. The parts are sold separately and combined with 2 pcs 9834 Flange screw M8x20 and 2 pcs 9839 Quick clamp, together with 9843 HEX Lock washer 8 mm. Made from Magnelis®, MAFI Roof Tile Heavy Bot guarantees durability and resistance to corrosion.

Flexibility and Installation

The bottom mount offers the same versatility and installation options as the top mount, including the customizable hole pattern that allows for different positioning for optimal fit of the solar panel. The unique design with a stop hook helps to temporarily hold the solar panel rail in place during installation, which contributes to a smooth and safe installation. The common MAFI hole pattern also enables a uniform installation together with the Roof Tile Heavy Top bracket to ensure a stable and reliable installation over the entire roof surface.

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