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MAFI Concrete pan bracket

MAFI Concrete pan bracket

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The concrete pan bracket is designed to be attached to the ceiling batten (minimum 25x38mm) and it is secured with two screws. This enables the installation of solar panels on curved concrete roof tiles. The concrete pan bracket is manufactured by Magnelis and it is protected by IP.

The concrete pan bracket is profiled to follow the shape of a curved concrete pan to allow installation without having to grind or shift the pans. The sun rail can be installed both vertically and horizontally. For horizontal installation, the bracket has a versatile hole pattern to match the clamping zone of the panel and a stop hook to temporarily support the sun rail before installation.

This product is protected by IP.

Technical information:

Performance Ultimate load capacity: Up: 450 N

Pull: 800 N

Compression: 1700 N

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