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Growatt ARK HV Battery system 10.2kWh

Growatt ARK HV Battery system 10.2kWh

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The Growatt ARK HV 10.2 kWh home storage is a high voltage battery designed for residential and commercial solar systems. The battery system is modularly designed so that extra batteries can be easily stacked on top of each other.

Advantages of Growatt ARK HV 10.2 kWh home storage

The main advantages of the Growatt ARK HV 10.2 kWh home storage are:

High energy capacity : The ARK HV system has a significant energy capacity of 10.2 kilowatt-hours (kWh), which allows a large amount of solar energy to be stored for times when the solar panels are not generating or generating very little energy. Thanks to this storage capacity, the user can reduce dependence on the electricity grid and save significant costs on the electricity bill.

High voltage design : The battery system operates at a higher voltage (approximately 200-450 V) compared to traditional low voltage systems. The higher voltage allows for more efficient energy transfer and reduces overall system costs by requiring fewer additional components.

Scalability : Growatt ARK HV home storage systems are easily expandable so that storage capacity can be scaled up as energy needs change by adding battery modules.

Integrated converter : Growatt ARK HV 10.2 kWh home storage comes with an integrated hybrid converter that efficiently manages the energy flow between solar panels, batteries and the grid. The integrated design simplifies installation and ensures optimal energy conversion.

Advanced Battery Management System (BMS) : The ARK HV system has an advanced BMS that ensures safe and efficient operation of the battery. It optimizes battery performance, protects against overcharging and overheating and extends battery life.

Smart energy management : With the Growatt ARK HV 10.2 kWh home storage, the user can plan charging and discharging cycles, prioritize self-consumption and benefit from time-based electricity prices. With this intelligent energy management, energy consumption can be optimized according to needs.

Quick installation manual Growatt ARK HV Battery System

Datasheet Growatt ARK HV Battery System

CE Certificate Growatt ARK HV Battery System

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More information
Make Growatt
Manufacturer Growatt
Country of manufacture China
Warranty this year 10
Statistics code 94032080
The system Growatt ARK HV
Number of phases Three phase
Voltage High
Model Lithium iron phosphate
More information
Usable battery capacity (kWh) 10.24
Nominal voltage (V) 51.2
Depth of Discharge (DoD) 90%
Operating temperature (°C/°C) -10~50℃
Degree of protection (IP) IP65
Width (mm) 610
Height (mm) 970
Depth (mm) 250
Weight (kg) 130
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