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Growatt 3PH Inverter MID 33KTL3-X

Growatt 3PH Inverter MID 33KTL3-X

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The Growatt MID 33KTL3-X inverter is part of the MID series, a series of three-phase Growatt inverters with a lighter and more compact design than its predecessors.

Growatt MID 33KTL3-X 33 kW

The Growatt MID 33KTL3-X 33 kW inverter has a maximum output power of 33,000 W. This unit is compatible with installations up to a maximum size of 49.5 kWp. The maximum efficiency of the inverter is measured by maximum efficiency and is 98.5%. This efficiency applies to average weather conditions in Europe.

Features of MID 33KTL3-X

The maximum performance of the MID 33KTL3-X is supported by 3 MPP trackers. The inverter is delivered without a smart meter and can be used for self-supply or as a mains converter.


To ensure the safety of the installation, the Growatt MID 33KTL3-X is equipped with the following built-in safeguards:

  • DC switch
  • Overvoltage protection DC and AC, type 2
  • AFCI protection
  • Protection class 66

This inverter communicates with other devices in the network through the following interfaces:

  • RS485
  • USB
  • Wi-Fi (optional)
  • GPRS (optional)
  • LAN (optional)

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Make Growatt
Manufacturer Growatt
Country of manufacture China
Warranty this year 5
Statistics code 85044086
Type of inverter String
Number of phases Three phase
Max. DC primary power (W) 49500
AC rated output power (W) 33000
Number of MPP trackers 3
Degree of protection (IP) IP66
More information
Suitable for outdoor installation Yes
DC switch Yes
Surge protection Type II DC & AC
Arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) Yes
Transformer No
Screen Yes
Wifi Optional (not included)
Ethernet Voluntary
Width (mm) 580
Height (mm) 435
Depth (mm) 230
Weight (kg) 30
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