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Growatt 3PH Inverter MAX 120KTL3-X LV (AFCI)

Growatt 3PH Inverter MAX 120KTL3-X LV (AFCI)

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The Growatt MAX 125KTL3 inverter is part of the Growatt MAX series, a series of three-phase commercial inverters with outputs ranging from 50 kW to 125 kW.

The Growatt MAX version has a maximum efficiency of 99% for optimal energy extraction from any commercial PV system.

Growatt MAX inverter

All models are equipped with AFCI. This Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter is a special fuse designed as arc protection. When a dangerous arc is detected, the AFCI automatically cuts off the power supply, greatly reducing the risk of electrical fires.

Characteristics of the Growatt MAX 125KTL3 inverter

The Growatt MAX 125KTL3 inverter is the heaviest model in the Growatt MAX inverter series. The maximum output power of the Growatt MAX 125KTL3 inverter is 110,000W. The maximum efficiency of the inverter is 98.8%. Under Western European weather conditions, the inverter reaches an efficiency of 98.5%.

Optimal performance

By using 6 MPP trackers (MPPT), each taking care of two strings, the user of the installation is assured of optimal energy extraction, even in shading.

Interfaces available on the Growatt MAX 125KTL3 LV inverter:

  • GPRS (optional)
  • 4G (optional)
  • Wi-Fi (optional)
  • RF (optional)

Datasheet Growatt MAX100~125KTL3-X LV (AFCI)

Quick guide Growatt MAX100~125KTL3-X LV (AFCI)

User manual Growatt MAX100~125KTL3-X LV (AFCI)

Certificate C10/11 Growatt MAX100~125KTL3-X LV (AFCI)

Certificate CEI 0-16 Growatt MAX100~125KTL3-X LV (AFCI)

Certificate CEI 0-21 Growatt MAX100~125KTL3-X LV (AFCI)


Item no GW-200.0130100
Make Growatt
Manufacturer Growatt
Country of manufacture China
Warranty this year 5
Statistics code 85044086
Type of inverter String
Number of phases Three phase
AC rated output power (W) 120000
Number of MPP trackers 10
MPPT operating range (Vdc) 180V - 1000V
Degree of protection (IP) IP66
More information
DC switch Yes
Surge protection Type II DC & AC
Arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) Yes
Transformer No
Screen Yes
Wifi Optional (not included)
Ethernet No
Width (mm) 970
Height (mm) 640
Depth (mm) 345
Weight (kg) 84
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