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Emaldo Power Store - 5.12 Battery AI (FÖRHANDSBESTÄLLNING)

Emaldo Power Store - 5.12 Battery AI (FÖRHANDSBESTÄLLNING)

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⚠️ Available September 2024

The Emaldo® Power Store adds profitable storage of self-produced solar electricity to any solar system, allowing for the clean an free energy to be stored until it is actually needed.

It works with both new and existing solar installations and it the perfect choice for retro-fitting battery capacity to properties already featuring solar cells. The Emaldo® Power Store is compatible with any inverter, no matter the brand and type.

The Emaldo Power Store is a true all-in-one system, bringing our custom high-performance 10.8kW inverter, our expandable battery power boxes, Bluetooth® and integrated 4G cellular connectivity into one stylish cabinet.

The Emaldo Power Store is also available in an AI-powered version, which adds the capability of automatically buying electricity when the prices are lowest and using this cheap electricity during the most expensive hours of the day. In addition it allows the system to automatically balance the electrical grid and passively earn monthly payouts directly to the consumer, without any influence on the system performance. You as the installer will receive a percentage of all the grid balancing revenue generated from all your Emaldo® installations. 



✅ Store free solar energy for when you need it
✅ Works in households already fitted with a solar inverter
✅ 10.8 kW hybrid inverter
✅ 5.12 kWh battery (can be expanded up to 15.36 kWh)
✅ Integrated 4G cellular connection
✅ Option to provide power backup. Sold separately
✅ Energenie® AI optimized
✅ Automatically buy cheap and use when prices are highest
✅ Automatically earn passive income on grid balancing

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