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Bluesun 50kW/100.3kWh

Bluesun 50kW/100.3kWh

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BSE50KH3-100KWH Energy Storage System

The BSE50KH3-100KWH is a high-capacity energy storage solution designed for commercial and industrial applications. This system features:

  • Output Power: 50 kW
  • System Capacity: 100.3 kWh
  • Battery Type: LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
  • Protection Class: IP32/IP56 (outdoor)
  • Battery Module: 51.2V 280Ah, 12.8 kWh per module
  • Maximum Photovoltaic Input Power: 75 kW
  • Dimensions: 800 x 350 x 875 mm
  • Weight: 102 kg

The system includes advanced features such as a hybrid inverter, remote monitoring via Wi-Fi/GPRS/4G, and robust protection against environmental factors. It is designed to provide reliable backup power and efficient energy management for a wide range of industrial uses.

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