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Emaldo Power Core AI (9,3kWh)

Emaldo Power Core AI (9,3kWh)

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The Emaldo Power Core AI is a true all-in-one home power management solution, bringing our custom high-performance 10.8kW inverter, our expandable battery power boxes, Bluetooth® and built-in 4G cellular connectivity, a dedicated type 2 electric vehicle charger, as well as the full Energenie® AI features, into one stylish cabinet.

The all-in-one design of the Emaldo Power Core AI eliminates the need for installation of separate devices, reduces space requirements drastically and allows for the shortest system setup time in the industry.

The Emaldo Power Core AI comes with a battery capacity of 9.3 kWh (3 x 3.1 kWh battery boxes) and with the optional battery expansion cabinets, the system can be expanded up to a staggering 86 kWh system.





✅ 9.3 kWh of solar energy storage
✅ 3 MPPT connections
✅ Built-in EV charger
✅ Integrated 4G cellular connection
✅ Option to provide power backup. Sold separately
✅ Energenie® AI optimized
✅ Automatically buy cheap and use when prices are highest
✅ Automatically earn passive income on grid balancing

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